Technical Questions

Q? How does Quickrelay’s WiMAX service work?
A. Quickrelay Networks uses Alvarion WiMAX fixed-point microwave access points strategically located to provide high capacity wireless “Points of Presence” capable of supporting hundreds of customers. Our research indicates that the Alvarion WiMAX platform is the best product available for use in the unlicensed spectrum.
Q? What is fixed-point wireless service?
A. Fixed-point refers to wireless service from our tower POPs to stationary locations such as buildings or other structures. Fixed-point service is not nomadic, nor can a standard WiFi client such as a laptop connect to it.
Q? Is Quickrelay’s wireless service secure?
A. Yes. In addition to subscriber-to-subscriber isolation, our Alvarion WiMAX equipment utilizes 56bit DES encryption between the subscriber and the tower. Further encryption such as Triple DES or AES can be employed between two locations such as a corporate and remote office providing the highest levels of security.
Q? Is Quickrelay’s fixed-point wireless service the same as WiFi or WiMax?
A. No. Quickrelay’s’s fixed-point service uses Time Division Duplexing/Time Division Multiple Access (TDD/TDMA) technology. All access points are timed and controlled via software and GPS Satellite synchronization.
Q? Does rain or fog have an effect on Quickrelay’s service?
A. All connections are installed with a higher than required signal level to ensure a safe operating margin in acclimate weather.
Q? What is Quickrelay’s’s average uptime?
A. Quickrelay’s service averages better than 99.7% uptime. Towers are backed up with generators in the event of power failure, and our main network center is co-located in a Tier-1 facility with redundant power, air conditioning, and fiber optic Internet feeds.
Q? What if I have desktop or network problems?
A. Quickrelay’s Network Engineers will attempt to help customers with any problem. Our ultimate responsibility is to ensure connectivity from your Subscriber Module to the Quickrelay network. Problems with viruses, worms, email, or other “desktop” related problems are best handled by your IT support technician.

Billing Questions

Q? How does Quickrelay Networks bill for service?
A. Quickrelay’s billing system is automated and send out invoices each month on or around the first.
Q? Is my credit card information secure?
A. Yes. Quickrelay uses a secure billing system.
Q? How do I manage my account?
A. If you need to manage your account, call our Help Desk at 865-223-6141 or email support@quickrelay.com
Q? How do I receive technical or billing support?
A. Quickrelay provides live technical support 24x7x365. Issues that cannot be resolved are escalated to our Network Operations Center for expedited resolution.

Support Questions

What People Are Saying

"We are very impressed with the speed and reliability of the Wi-Fi service that Quickrelay delivers. Our customers are always commenting on how well the Wi-Fi works throughout the campground. As business owners, we realize how important fast, reliable Wi-Fi is for both us and our guests. We would highly recommend Quickrelay to anyone."
Tony and Alison Rast, Owners, Up the Creek RV

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