Jun 14
Last Updated on 27 June 2014

Really…..Again……more Updates???



Always frustrating and seemingly in the way, but necessary? Updates for your computer are essential for maintaining a smooth running, well-oiled machine. You wouldn’t go months without changing your oil or taking your car in for that all important recall right?…..We’ll come back to that question another time perhaps.

With the always changing world of technology, new viruses and malware attacks always a threat, keeping your computer updated is one of the simplest and most effective ways of staying ahead. Automatic updates on a PC makes it easy, they even remind you with a nice little bubble usually that pops in down at the bottom of your screen, but it’s just so easy to ignore and who really has the time right?

Let’s look at everything that updates do for us:

Optimizes OS resources

Removes outdated and unprotected features

Updates to newer and more secure features

Keeps drivers updated

Fixes security issues

It’s very similar to someone saying “If you let me change the oil, upgrade the spark plugs, change the filters out for these higher efficiency ones, and rotate the tires but instead of air we’ll put this liquid cooling gel that helps with gas mileage then you’re car will run better, faster, and cleaner.”

“…..no thanks”

Crazy right, we’d be throwing our cars at them saying “Yes!!! That sounds great….and it’s free? I’ll call my friends so they can get in on this magic also.”


So even though running your updates seems like a pain it’s very easy to do and in the long run it helps keep your computer running at the peak of its abilities. If you want to dig into your computer a little bit you can actually setup your updates to only run at a certain time, say around 2am that way it won’t annoy you too bad in the middle of the day.




In conclusion…..UPDATE!!!


Until next time….


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