WiMax High Speed Internet

Quickrelay Networks provides WiMAX High Speed Internet to residential and commercial businesses in Sevier County, Tennessee. We provide reliable service to most of the county. It is different from satellite systems such as DirectTV because it does not have to pass through the atmosphere. This provides improved latency and packet loss. It is comparable to the speeds and reliability of cable or ATT U-Verse Internet

WiMAX technology requires line of sight to our basestations. Trees, buildings and other solid objects can block our signal so a wireless survey of your home or business is required. This is a very quick process. Installation and the survey can be done on the same day. Installation time is approximately 1.5 hours for most standard homes/businesses.

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Customized Business Support

Customized Business IT Support

We can customize internet, security and network support into a bundle package. It saves you time and lets you focus on your business.

New IT Services

Backup ISP Services. Do you need to ensure your business is always connected? While ISP outages are rare, they do happen and you can be prepared with our dual wan failover links. We can serve as a Primary or Secondary ISP.

Network Security. We ensure your network is protected from common threats. We can also link your home and office networks through the use of different VPN technologies. Our engineers can manage your internet gateways, routers and firewalls.

Network Management. We can manage your routers, switches, printers and key servers. We use advanced network monitoring tools to ensure you have the most reliable network.

What People Are Saying

"We are very impressed with the speed and reliability of the Wi-Fi service that Quickrelay delivers. Our customers are always commenting on how well the Wi-Fi works throughout the campground. As business owners, we realize how important fast, reliable Wi-Fi is for both us and our guests. We would highly recommend Quickrelay to anyone."
Tony and Alison Rast, Owners, Up the Creek RV

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