WIMAX Internet

QuickRelay works with multiple Tier 1 ISP peering partners in each area that we serve. This means you are guaranteed access to the Internet, even if one of our Tier 1 providers experiences a major outage. In addition, we’ve ensured network reliability by designing in diverse paths and redundancy, with monitoring and fault detection that proactively averts potential outages or overloads.

QuickRelay’s WiMAX service offers the high speed of broadband internet and is wireless so it’s much easier to extend to suburban and rural areas. It also uses the most advanced point-to-multipoint technology powered by Alvarion, Cisco, and Dragonwave. The network offers a guaranteed up-time of 99.7 percent and industry-leading latency and packet loss guarantees.

Today, our broadband wireless access is the next-generation technology that is quick to install, cost-effective, fast, and reliable.

To connect you to our network, QuickRelay installs a small integrated radio modem (about 9″ square) on the roof, in the window, or on the side of your building. The antenna is pointed at our network hub establishing your wireless Internet connection.

Use Multiple Connections! QuickRelay supports BGP (Border Gateway Protocol), which allows a real-time sharing of multiple connections. With BGP you can have the ultimate redundancy by using your wireless QuickRelay connection with your existing wireline connection. With BGP, your traffic always goes out the best route. And, if one connection fails, BGP automatically uses the remaining connection. You stay up!

What People Are Saying

"We are very impressed with the speed and reliability of the Wi-Fi service that Quickrelay delivers. Our customers are always commenting on how well the Wi-Fi works throughout the campground. As business owners, we realize how important fast, reliable Wi-Fi is for both us and our guests. We would highly recommend Quickrelay to anyone."
Tony and Alison Rast, Owners, Up the Creek RV

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